Tahji Ali is a Independent musician from Signal Hill, CA
 The given logo concept bases on three main ideas. The first one is the idea of a crown. Tahji means "king" so we wanted to incorporate that into the design . The second idea was to use clouds or a sky to represent the Second part of his name, Ali, which means, "most high". What we came up with  is a creative combination of the two, incorporated into the typography. 

The main idea of the logo is based on the clients name, Mario Garcia. In order to symbolize his occupation in a widely recognizable and positively comprehensive way, we have picked symbols that remind the viewer of styling tools. The hair stylist comb iconography was chosen to indicate the company business and its creative combination, with the letters of his name acting as the "teeth" of the comb, which creatively identifies the business. The harmonic font and color choice complete the visual identity and meet our client’s goal in a most innovative way.

 LT Visual Studios based in Long Beach, CA

This was by far the most challenging branding and logo design I have done to date because it was for myself! 

I wanted the brand to encompass the aesthetics that represent me as a person and my business, which is a little edgy yet still professional and sleek. I also wanted something that was more representative of all of my creative projects; A complete re-branding, as I'm branching out from photography into design and film.
The Idea of the Logo Symbol was to incorporate the letters "LT"  with a symbol that represents the brand in a creative manner. After several variations and alterations of the Idea, I decided to combine the “LT” lettesr(my inititals) with a filmstrip. 

The text part of the logo is pretty simple and practical at the same time. The text was created a sleek knockout text on a edgy, graphic background, thus the text in the logo concept is not just the naming, but also integrates into the concept philosophy.

For color,  I knew I wanted to use colors in the pink/ purple range, because pinks convey poetry, creativity, self knowledge and originality which are all staples and foundations of my brand. Purples have connections to music and imagination so I felt those colors were spot on for LT Visual Studios. 
 Anthony Castro Photography, based in Long Beach, CA.

 This project is a good example of reworking ideas to please the goals of the client.  The original concept was to incorporate some element of photography into the logo, but none felt like they really meshed with the ideals of the brand. After several reworks, It was decided to use a unique typeface for the client, which would associate it with the attributes consistent with the brand philosophy. As a basis for our work we took the elegant sleek lines and a stand out logo.. This idea was further improved in a simple and at the same time smart logotype, the one that takes into account the readability aspect and aims high with its unique style.

Logotype and personal branding identity for Josh Ashcraft based in Long Beach CA.

The client wished the logo concept to be quite simple symbol and at the same type very easy to comprehend and stick in memory. The main concerns of the client were clean lines and the font selection, which would perfectly balance and be appropriate.

Steven Lopez is a freelance photographer based in Long Beach, CA.

My goal was to develop a Brand Identity, which would indicate the company services in a modern way. Thanks to the creative integration of the camera lens into the "O" of the logotype creates a unique mark to identify the brand. The logotype was selected because it had a carefree feel to it, which fits the client. 

Nate Stephens is a Assistant Editor based out of Long Beach, CA.
Nate Stephens is a editor with credits from shows such as the Amazing Race, Southern at Heart and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.  I wanted to come up with a personal logo he could use as his branding identity.  I decided to place the emphasis on his initials, and went for a bulls eye type effect with the circles.  The whole branding identity graphics is varying shades of black, grey and white, black, as these colors are often associated with sleekness, and efficiency.

 Logotype and personal branding identity for Joy Gbasouzor based in Dallas TX.

The main goal in development was to create a unique though simple logo, that could become a recognized brand. That is why I opted for a center logo, and negative space in terms of style. This allowed me to combine three conceptions in one symbol. After a number of variations, the solution was found by using unique variations of the letters J and G. After that, the dominant color palette of the whole corporate identity had to be chosen. We decided on using gold and black as the main theme colors, which gives the brand a feeling of sleekness and luxury. We also decided to use smaller variations of the logo repeated, as a play on the style found in high end designer brands. This was a perfect fit not only for the client, who personally values and embodies these qualities, but also her business, which is Wellness Consulting.